RAZEND...what's in a name? (Razend is Dutch for Furious) But it`s no surprise that this band sounds furious as hell as Razend`s line up contains the crème de la crème of the Dutch metalscene. And surprise, vocals are done by Corinne van den Brand , known for being one of the first female grunters in the world.
RAZEND plays thrash metal with a twist. The first 5 track demo `White Goat` was recorded at the Double Noise studios in 2013 and they are sold out !!
Several gigs were played with bands like Max & Iggor Cavalera, Death Angel, Vicious Rumors, Toxik, MPire of Evil, Satan, Evile and RAZEND played on festivals like Eindhoven Metal Meeting, W2 Thrash Attack, Elsrock , Tattoofest.
RAZEND released `White Goat II` in 2016 and it contains 7 songs and the demo `White Goat` is included as an extra.
Razend is ready to hit the stage in 2016 /2017 and promote `White Goat II `as much as possible.


RAZEND is from left to right :
Tijn van der Vloet – Bass ( Outburst )
Arvid Kuipers – Guitars ( Outburst , Morthra)
Jos van den Brand – Guitars ( Acrostichon, Antropomorphia, Outburst , The Covering)
Corinne van den Brand - Vocals ( Acrostichon, The Covering)
Tim Verheijden – Drums ( The Covering, Lucifericon )


ACROSTICHON was founded in 1989 and played Death/Doom metal . They became well known for the female vocals and own style . ACROSTICHON released 2 full lenght albums and an EP and several demo`s and live tapes .Corinne left in 1998 and the remaining members continued as.........

OUTBURST continued where ACROSTICHON stopped. Tjerk joined as their vocalist and Tijn became the bassist and they adopted a more melodic death/thrash style . ACROSTICHON`s guitar player Michel left and was replaced by Arvid. In this line up they played many years and OUTBURST recorded 3 demo`s and 3 full lenghts albums. Tjerk left in 2012 and the remaining members continued as........

RAZEND continued where OUTBURST stopped. Corinne was asked to do the vocals and she gladly accepted. New band - new style so RAZEND evolved in a more melodic thrash band with no restrictions how it must sound. Drummer Serge was replaced by Tim and in this line-up RAZEND recorded WHITE GOAT in 2013 and released WHITE GOAT II in 2016.

So in a way you can say , we have come full circle. .


Jos van den Brand - Guitars
Corinne van den Brand - Vocals / Bass
Serge Smolders - Drums
Richard Schouten / Michel Meeuwissen - Guitars


Jos van den Brand - Guitars
Tjerk Maas - Vocals
Serge Smolders - Drums
Michel Meeuwissen / Arvid Kuipers - Guitars
Tijn van der Vloet - Bass


Jos van den Brand - Guitars
Corinne van den Brand - Vocals
Serge Smolders / Tim Verheijden - Drums
Arvid Kuipers - Guitars
Tijn van der Vloet - Bass